CELPIP Writing


In this section, you will get to know about the format of CELPIP Writing. There are only two tasks in the CELPIP Writing, yet 53 minutes are given to the test taker to complete this part. The English writing abilities of a person are tested in this part.

Following are the number of questions and question types in CELPIP Writing:
Number of Questions Component Sections
1 Writing an Email
1 Responding to Survey Questions

Let’s thoroughly discuss both the tasks of CELPIP Writing

Writing an Email

The test taker gets 27 minutes to complete this task. An Email has to be drafted on the given context. It can be a complaint, some issues, problems, suggestions, appreciations etc. The word limit for this task is 150-200 words. Along with the time left, the test taker can also see the number of words used while attempting the task.

Responding to Survey questions

In this task, the test taker has to write on a survey question. Two options are given to the test taker and one has to be chosen. After that, the test taker has to write on the chosen option and has to explain the reason for choosing that option in 150-200 words.

Read the instructions carefully and write accordingly. Writing more than the given word limit can also result in lower grading. Therefore, be precise and follow the guidelines.

Always make efforts to improve your vocabulary. It always helps you in writing precise emails.

However, in task 2, a precise answer is required according to the survey questions asked to the test taker.

Have a different approach in both the tasks of CELPIP Writing. For example, in task 1, you have to write an e-mail. Therefore, you should write all the information you want to convey. Other than this, the message should be written in a formal manner.

Practice is very important. Most of the people focus more on the speaking and listening part and do not practice the writing tasks. As a result, they fail to score the required marks in this module. Try different practice tests of the writing module before you appear for the test. This will help you get an idea of your typing speed and the understanding of different question types.

Punctuation and grammar are very important. There are negative marks for grammatical errors in the CELPIP Writing. For this, you should read more and more books. This will help you in two ways. First, you will be more aware of grammatical errors and second, your vocabulary will improve.

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