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CELPIP Preparation Made Easy: Get Access To Top-Quality Study Material

We provide you the required practice material for your CELPIP preparations. Once you attempt the tests, you can also get them evaluated from our experts and get a complete report of your performance.

SMG Redefines How You Take Tests

  • Real-like testing platform

    Here at Secure My Grade, the format of the CELPIP practice and mock tests are as real as the actual exams. These practice tests will help you understand the exam and its modules in a much better way.

  • Detailed analysis of your test attempt

    Test attempt is one part of your preparations. We also provide detailed analysis of your test attempts and let you understand the modules you need to work upon.

  • Precise and accurate evaluation

    The industry experts check your CELPIP practice test and mock test attempts. Therefore, you do not need to be doubtful about the evaluation and marking process.

Reasons To Count On Us For
CELPIP Preparation.

  • We have an expert team of educationists who prepare and set the exams in accordance to the latest patterns.
  • Our real-like CELPIP test platform gives a clear vision of the exam and helps you get your desired score easily.
  • Expert evaluation highlights the areas you need to work on.
  • You get experts’ suggestions to improve yourself.
  • You get a detailed analysis of your CELPIP Practice Test and CELPIP Mock Test attempt.
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Better Grades Are One Click Away.
Better Grades Are One Click Away.

You Achieve Desired CELPIP Score With Systematic Preparations

It is very difficult to reach your goals without any plan. Therefore, if you want to score better in your CELPIP exam, you need to make a plan that works perfectly for you. Here, you can get access to ample of CELPIP Practice and Mock Tests that would help you understand the exam in a much better way.

Another important thing is that no two practice tests or mock tests are similar. So, every time you attempt a new test, you would have to answer different questions.

Customize your own study material with us

You can easily select the number of CELPIP practice tests and mock tests you want to attempt and customize your study material according to your convenience. You can make a complete package according your budget and make the purchase accordingly.

Secure payment methods

We understand that your money is very important. Thus, our payment methods are safe and secure and rely on it. Do not worry if your payment gets declined. Our support team is always there to listen to you.

Timely resolution of problems

Do not panic if you face any problem with the testing interface. Our support team will put its best effort for timely resolution of your issues. You can always contact us through e-mail for any kind of support.

Study anywhere, anytime and keep the tests with you as long as you want

With our online testing platform, you can do your CELPIP preparation anywhere, anytime. You just need your mobile or laptop and internet connection. The practice and the mock test once purchased won’t expire till the time you attempt it. You can keep the test in your student panel for as long as you can.

Are you worried about the pricings? Don’t panic

The pricings of our CELPIP Practice tests and Mock tests differentiates us from the crowd. We do not charge you much for the tests and as mentioned earlier, you can customize your package and choose the number of tests accordingly. We understand that the students have a low budget and we have kept the prices according to that.

Frequent offers add on to your happiness and save from your pocket

Our discount offers are like an icing on the cake. Apart from affordable pricings, we also provide different offers for our users to make their preparation for CELPIP test more and more pocket friendly. Also, the new customers receive a welcome bonus from our side using a special promo code. So, if you have visited our site for the first time, there’s a chance for you to reward yourself with the welcome bonus.

You see what you’ll see in your exam

We have kept the testing platform almost similar to that of the real exam. So, when you’ll attempt the mock test or the practice test, you will feel like you are attempting the actual exam. The timings given for different questions in the practice tests are also the same as that of the actual exam in order to give you a complete experience of the test attempt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attempt a test more than once in the student panel?

No, you cannot re-attempt a test. Therefore, be careful of all the inputs. However, you can keep the purchased test in your student panel for as long as you want.

Is there any demo test that I can attempt?

For each module of the CELPIP exam, you get one free practice test. Other than this, you also get a free mock test in your student panel.

Are there any packages for bulk purchasing?

No, we have not made any package for bulk purchasing. We have made the prices affordable for the students and they can even pay for each test they attempt. But we do offer different offers to our customers frequently.

Is the expert evaluation included in the mentioned prices?

You will have to pay separately for the expert evaluation. We always offer discounts on expert evaluations.

What if I face issues while writing inputs during a practice test attempt?

Feel free to write your issues in the student panel at our e-mail address. Our team usually resolves a ticket in two working days.

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