CELPIP Listening


The Listening part in most of the Language assessment exams is a difficult one. The same scenario is with the CELPIP test.

For this part, the test taker is given around 47-55 minutes.

Let us have a look at different question types:
Number of Questions Component Sections
1 Practice Task
8 Listening to Problem Solving
5 Listening to Daily Life Conversation
6 Listening for Information
5 Listening to News Item
8 Listening to a discussion
6 Listening to viewpoints
Listening to Problem Solving

The test taker will listen to a conversation that includes easy day to day language. The conversation is generally about the day to day problems we face like finding a location, filling a form, fee submission etc. It will be divided into three parts and each part will have 2-3 multiple-choice questions. Since there are multiple-choice questions, the answers would be absolute.

Listening to Daily Life Conversation

In this part, the test taker will listen to a conversation that will be related to the things one does daily. These are not necessarily the problems but some general conversations like things about college life, home, family, business etc. As many as five multiple-choice questions are asked after the conversation. These questions demand factual details such as the conclusion of the talk, the details of the people talking etc.

Listening for Information

In such conversations, details about some specific information about a topic are shared. The test taker has to focus on that. These conversations can be a detailed process of making something or can be some guidelines. In this segment, six questions are asked to the test taker. All of these are multiple-choice questions.

Listening to a News Item

In this segment of the test, the test taker listens to a monologue wherein some specific information about some topic is given. It can be related to politics, sports, some inventions etc. After this, five questions are asked to the test taker with each carrying a blank. Every blank has a drop-down menu that has four options. The test taker has to select the right option.

Listening to a discussion

This task includes a video. The test taker is shown a video of two or more people discussing some general topic about life, college, sports etc. The test taker is asked the questions according to the discussion in the video. Eight questions are asked related to the video. These questions will have a drop-down list of four options. The test taker has to select the right answer.

Listening to Viewpoints

This part of the CELPIP Listening test includes a monologue or a lecture where a person expresses his/her views on a certain topic. The topics can be anything related to tradition, politics, geography, or any other random topic. These questions demand to focus on details of the matter. In this part, 6 questions are asked with blanks and a drop-down list.

Always listen to the recordings and conversations attentively. The major drawback in the Listening part is that you only get to listen to the recordings only once. That is why you paying complete attention is very important.

Not only the words but also focus on the tone of the speaker. This may reveal a lot of important information.

Active listening is the key. First of all, gather all the information from the speech and then think about the response. Do not rush to look for the answer.

Develop a habit of listening to different English speakers every day. You can also start with an audiobook.

Conversate with native English speakers. Other than this, you can also start watching English movies without subtitles.

There is no negative marking. Therefore, do not hesitate to make guesses. Eliminate the wrong answers and then make a calculative guess.

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