When you are determined to learn English but cannot do it slowly, you need to know the best ways to learn English fast. Here we have 15 for you.

" /> When you are determined to learn English but cannot do it slowly, you need to know the best ways to learn English fast. Here we have 15 for you.

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15 Best Ways to Learn English They Don’t Teach You at School

Looking for how to learn English fast? Mastering a language is not something you can do from one second to the next, but there are tools with which you can obtain good results and accelerate the process of learning a language other than your mother tongue.

According to the World Economic Forum, in 2020, English was the most widely spoken language in the world, so it is vitally important to master this language. It has even become an excellent tool for any organisation (to learn soft skills). So, we will teach you the 15 best ways to learn English in a practical, fast and easy way that they do not teach you at school or sometimes, even at language learning academies.

Speaking English is simpler than you think. With just small changes to your daily routine, you will see that you will be fluent in the language in no time.

1. Listen to the English as much as possible

This is essential to know how to learn English fast. The Science Direct portal reveals several scientific studies that show that it is possible to learn any language through a very simple system: listening to the English language a lot.

What do we mean by this? Science Direct alludes that, to learn languages, one of the ways is through unconscious (or implicit) learning. When we listen to English conversations in the background, our brain can automatically retain sounds, accents, and words, even if we are not paying attention!

This happens thanks to the patterns of the language; once we hear a specific language, we determine patterns. It is the same way that children learn their mother tongue, which they understand based on listening carefully to their conversations to understand the meanings of words finally.

It’s amazing.

2. Don’t worry too much about grammar

When looking for best ways to learn English fast, many people are put off when they are told that they should know about grammar and verb conjugations. However, you can skip this at the beginning.

While English grammar is essential when writing correctly, it is not the fundamental support when speaking English (or any language). We show you with an example:

  • When you learned your native language, did you have a teacher by the side teaching you to conjugate verbs? No, you internalised the language first: after listening and speaking it a lot and, once you had a solid foundation, you were taught to deal with grammatical structures and verb tenses.

If you are looking for how to learn English quickly, we do not tell you to neglect the grammatical part, but rather do not mentalise that you must handle that knowledge all at once.

3. Learn phrases, not words

There is no use having a list of single words to memorise if we are never going to use it. Do you want to know how to learn English fast? Use complete sentences.

Words have a meaning when they are alone and a completely different one when put together with others. And the key when learning English is to locate these groups of words. Let’s go with an example:

  • In the sentence “I ran around”, we say: “I ran around”. But around what or who? We are running aimlessly.
  • And now notice what happens when we add two more words to the sentence: “ I ran around the park.”

Although this way of learning English may seem banal, a study by The Royal Society showed that the order of the words could be more important than the complete sentence. And many words have various meanings, so you must learn to understand them in the context of a sentence and not their general meanings.

4. Do listening and speaking exercises

The exercises are essential if you want to know how to learn English quickly. However, there is a big problem in many teaching methods, in which institutions urge students to “listen and repeat” rather than “listen and respond.”

Do you think there is no difference? Well, there is, and a lot. If you teach a person to answer the question instead of first learning to ask it, you are helping him internalise the expression that is being questioned. Therefore, it is a great way to learn English.

Even if you don’t know the answer, you are forced to think of one, suppose or apologise. That improves your responsiveness, which is one of the best ways to learn English fast.

5. Focus on learning the vocabulary that you are going to use daily

One looking for the best ways to learn English, you have to think about the most immediate: focus on a list of expressions and phrases that you will use in your routine and that allow you to start working anywhere.

What do we recommend from Secure My Grades? Practice greeting expressions or short, simple conversations.

A brilliant and effective way to learn to speak English is to create sentences and conversations for daily activities. For example, if you are cooking, try describing the process in English in your mind or the ingredients you are using.

6. Watch audio-visual content in English

The more familiar you are with a language, the easier it will be to internalise it. For this reason, we would like to add to the best ways to learn English that you watch and listen to the content daily in this language.

What do we mean by content? In essence, we are talking about these two points:

The reading

Reading is a great way to learn English. It helps you absorb the language and understand the grammar within the context of an idea.

You can try reading in English:

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Websites
  • Comics

Even if you don’t understand many expressions, you have many tools at hand to learn their meanings. You will see how easy it is to go, little by little, improving our ways of learning English.

Visual and auditory content

The Internet has a wide range of options. And since you are here looking for the best ways to learn English fast, we get that you know the potential of this tool.

For this reason, the internet is a perfect place to find entertaining and educational content. On video platforms such as YouTube, we will find thousands of channels to learn a new language while watching the videos on the subjects that interest you (tutorials, food recipes, video games, among others).

A great option to consider is listening to a podcast in English. Not only is it content that you can watch anywhere (having your cell phone or tablet at hand), but it also helps enrich your vocabulary and sharpen your hearing to this language.

7. Don’t be intimidated when speaking English

You are in the street, and a foreigner comes to speak to you in English: your first reaction?

  • The classic “ Sorry, I don’t speak english “.
  • Talk to him and help him, even with gestures.

The second option is much better than the first. Chances are, if you don’t speak English, you will feel self-conscious at first. But it is a mistake!

Speak as much English as you can: in languages, mistakes are allowed. Fluency only develops through discipline and effort, so you will see how you will gradually improve.

Leave the shame. The fear of speaking English is overcome in only one way: by speaking. So... Let’s talk!

8. Plan your learning

There is no exact number of how many audios, videos, readings or conversations you need to learn English fast. It depends a lot on the person and their time studying the language.

To help you a bit and answer the question of how to learn English quickly, we present you a sequential learning program, with which you can start with the easiest and progress gradually :

From the first to the third month

In this period of time, you can start by learning the vocabulary, finding the correct pronunciation of simple words, and working on a bit of grammar.

From the fourth to the seventh month

You can start working on the conjugation of verbs in the different verb tenses, together with the conditional forms, when you have practised for almost seven months. Do not forget to continue learning the vocabulary.

The other months

It reinforces all the aspects learned previously, together with the learning of vocabulary of the language every month.

This is just a simple strategy. To learn English quickly, you can design the method that best suits you and your times.

9. Associate words

This is a straightforward and effective method if you want to learn English fast. Learning to use words or expressions in another language may help associate them with movements, images, and sounds.

Some examples:

  • When you hear meow, what do you associate it with? Exactly, a cat. 
  • The same happens if you see the image of the sun. Don’t you think of the words “sun” and “hot”?

To know how to learn English quickly, combine words with images, movements, onomatopoeia, and you will see how your mind will make the connection of those words much easier. At first, it can be helpful to draw some images and seek to associate them with words in English (as you can see in the Google search engine).

10. Learn with music

Earlier, we highlighted how valuable it was to hear as much English as you could. And we emphasised later that the auditory was a great tool. But we must delve into a fundamental point to learn English quickly: music.

Do you remember the rounds and children’s games as a child? Doesn’t it surprise you that there are songs you still remember? Well, this is the incalculable power of music, one of the most important components for learning languages.

Through songs, children can learn vowels, numbers and words in general. Repetition, accompanied by a musical tune, serves to fix memory’s most critical language concepts.

The same is applicable if you want to learn English fast. You can start listening to songs in English: visualise the lyrics and their meaning and understand them. You will see that this exercise will be very effective in the long run.

11. Apps are your best friend

These days, there are many ways to find out how to learn English fast. And one of them is at your fingertips: Applications!

Currently, there are many apps with which you can learn English without any difficulty. The best known are:

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the bus, on the way home, or waiting at the doctor’s office. You can spend several minutes a day learning a new language with these resources.

12. Talk to people close to you

The more people, the better. A great tip that can help you if you want to know how to learn English quickly is to find someone to accompany you on the journey.

If you commit someone to speak with you in English daily, you will see how you improve your command of the language as the days go by. And for the other person it is also beneficial, whether they speak fluent English or not:

  • If he is learning the same as you, both of you will grow along and improve your English proficiency.
  • If the person is already more experienced, it helps them talk to you to practice and refresh their command of the language.

It is a win-win by all means.

13. Compete with Google Translator!

This tip to learn English is very simple but effective: think of a phrase in Spanish and then imagine how you would say it in English. Then look it up on Google Translator and find out how close you got!

Do you notice any similarity between the phrase you thought of and the one that appeared in the search engine? Is yours much more complete? It is possible, since we remember, that Google Translate is not infallible and, sometimes, it is difficult for it to understand the contexts of some expressions.

Likewise, it is an excellent exercise to learn English and improve day after day.

14. Change the language of your cell phone

A simple but effective exercise if you want to discover how to learn English fast. Just by changing the language of your mobile device (or also that of your computer or tablet), you will become familiar with the terms and expressions.

Although it seems like a silly exercise to learn English, you will see how it can benefit you:

  • Match the words that were previously in Spanish.
  • You will not make a literal translation of the expressions, but you will also relate them to actions and settings. This will help you memorise certain words better.
  • You will see that, little by little, and you will begin to remember new words and their meanings in the medium and long term.

15. Learn with Secure My Grades!

Ah, did you think we had nothing to offer you? Our goal is to teach you several alternatives to knowing how to learn English quickly and give you the tools to start training in the language.

We offer you posts where you can discover how to learn English, the most used verbs in English and even the most common questions in a job interview in English. Start preparing today!

Learning English does not mean speaking it perfectly. The language is intended for communication, so if you can communicate. Well done!

Now, your goal could be to learn English to take a competency test such as CELPIP in Canada. But again, you will progress in learning English by communicating. Also, it would help if you prepared for the exam, e.g. you can prepare for the CELPIP exam with Secure My Grades.

There you have it – the best ways to master the Anglo-Saxon language. However, the most crucial thing in speaking a new language is the time, dedication, and focus you give to the process. The rest is up to you.