14 Things Prohibited in Canada: Knowing Them Can Save Your Skin

When we plan to immigrate to a country that has a different culture and language, the first thing we do is to prepare to learn the language as it is essential for immigration to a country, e.g. Canada to qualify in an English testing exam such as IELTS or CELPIP.

While most people do not consider the cultural aspect as it does not seem to be an issue, it can be a difference of feeling at home or getting in trouble on foreign soil. That is why we have brought these 14 things that you should not do while in Canada.

Like all countries in the world, Canada has its culture and customs that do not exist in other places in the same way. In addition, it is the second-largest country in the world, a factor that creates cultural differences within Canada itself. Thus, if you plan to visit this charming destination, it can save you from bad times knowing the things that are prohibited in Canada, or at least what you should avoid. Let's see what they are.

Say NO to kissing

Neither one nor two. In Canada, if you kiss someone it is understood that you want 'something more. This is how you are going to find yourself in an embarrassing situation: either they slap you or they keep kissing you with 'intentions'. The usual greeting in Canada is done by shaking hands, to men and women. If there is some confidence, a light pat on the back. And if there was courage, a kiss on the cheek hinted at in the air and without noise.

Do not be like an orc of Mordor

People smile in Canada. Forever. In addition, they are always friendly and willing with the known and the unknown. Forget the ugly habit of not saying 'please', 'thank you' or 'good morning'. Say no to look at the ground with a horizontal brow. Moreover, that includes that you treat whoever attends you at the bar, whoever charges you in the supermarket, and whomever you meet in the elevator with a smile.

Tipping is not optional

When you receive personalized service, go to a restaurant or have a beer, the tip is between 7% and 15% of the price of what is consumed. You do not want the eternal Canadian smile to fade away and turn into a raised brow. So keep it in your budget.

'You are a….': better not to say it

In other countries, and we Indians value it very much, it is customary to insult very clearly on the face. Saying ugly to the ugly and saying idiotic to the idiotic to whoever bothers you... etc.

Forget about it in Canada. Measure the words with which you address others, and get used to beating around the bush and being diplomatic. If your Canadian girl begins to have a few slivers of pork sausage leftover from her shirt, tell her that 'they do such small sizes in clothes now' and smile angelically at her or you may have a Canadian disgust.

No chat after the dinner

One of the main pleasures of eating with someone is that little chat after dessert, stirring the coffee grounds with a spoon or making small pieces of the paper napkin while criticizing the neighbor, the common friend, or the boss among the most poisonous comments. As a Latino, forget about that son.

In Canada, you have just eaten and you are already asking for the bill. And if you don't, a friendly and smiling waiter will ask you if you can leave the table now.

Questions about the Queen on the coins

The face of Queen Elizabeth II is on all Canadian coins and also on the CAD 20 bill. Canada has long been independent and has its own government, today represented by Justin Trudeau. But, it is also the fact that Canada is a constitutional monarchy and even in 2020 the head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. Reminding Canadians about this is not a pretty thing.

Saying that Canada is the same as the United States

Surely, the two countries have many similarities and histories in common. Spoken English is sometimes almost the same, but… there are differences and they are not just in the language. Canadians are very proud of their country and of the differences that separate them from their neighbors to the south.

The 'capital' Toronto

Toronto is the largest and best-known Canadian city. But don't make the mistake of thinking it's the nation's capital, which is Ottawa. Furthermore, Toronto's reputation among Canadians themselves is among the highest. In truth, many say that Torontonians are selfish and arrogant. Since we're not Canadians, it's convenient to stay away from a controversial topic like this.

Travel without the eTA Canada permit

People from some countries do not need a Canadian visa to visit the country of the maple leaf. It is not necessary for them but the eTA Canada electronic permit. Without this document, you will not be able to enter the country. Traveling without this document is the main thing prohibited in Canada. So if you're going to Canada, take note of these little things you shouldn't do.

Do not open your car door in the wrong places

If you just open your car door when a cyclist is passing by, you will most likely pay a fine for it, as this can present a risk to the bike user

You can't pass the street between the cars

If you're one of those who don't mind passing the avenues by means of cars, in Canada, you will have to do a 'change of the mind-set’. Therefore, you must always cross the streets by the pedestrian crossing when the traffic light is red for cars.

It is forbidden to release balloons with helium

To avoid contamination, it is prohibited in Toronto to release more than ten helium balloons outdoors.

Say no to smoking in public

If you are in Canada you will not be able to smoke in places such as offices, stores, restaurants, hospitals, shared areas of condominiums, and other public places. You can only do it outdoors or in your home or vehicle alone.

Don’t begin fixing your car on the street

At least in Montreal, Quebec, it is forbidden to make mechanical repairs to any car on the street.